Business forum

On Thursday the 28th of May we organise our Belgium Business Forum in the late afternoon (depending on the official program), at Indeed.

We proudly present you our 3 keynotes:


Cedric Royer – Indeed

The world is changing fast.  Innovation is crucial, and disruption is no longer a buzzword: disruption is happening everywhere, and it will only accelerate.

How can organisations benefit from these opportunities and remain successful?  For the past 20 years, Cedric has helped building high performance organisations across EMEA in the tech sector, and has seen that high performers share the same elements, which he has written about in his book JUMP.  Through advisory services, workshop or keynotes, he can help not only delivering the message to organisations, he can also help setting up organisations for success by implementing the elements that make high performing organisations so successful.

Cedric is a husband and father of 2.  He’s also a painter and martial artist.  He has been working in several leadership roles in Belgium, Moscow and Dublin for companies like NVIDIA, Veritas, Indeed and his own startups in the tech industry.


Ruben Hamilius – Business Games 

Trough businessgames and Diversity Movement, we lead the transformation of classroom training and corporate activities into innovative, experience-based learning tools. Our interactive game formats bring to life trainings and events, and drive better learning and recall across a myriad of subjects including new-hire onboardings, Agile Transformation, Diversity and Inclusion, organisational deployments, L&D programs, and more. From our global offices, we serve both Fortune 500 and Innovative Tech companies. Some recent clients are KPMG, Zurich Insurance, MSD Merck, Woodie’s, Vodafone and AdRoll.

Currently living in Dublin, but I began my career in Brand Management at Procter and Gamble in Geneva and Singapore. Passionate about people and teams I started deepdiving in ways to connect groups of people strategically such that it enhances work performance. My energy and enthusiasm allowed me to have great experiences in that area.




Pieter Baeyaert – Google

*more information will follow soon*